#LoveIsTheAnswerRadioShow is featured on Kiss FM Australia, Data Transmission Radio United Kingdom and My House Radio FM New York City. Each week The Grammy Nominated CoCreators, take to the airwaves to spread the message that "Love Is The Answer" around the globe through dope house beats with over 1 million people and rising on all radio stations and platforms combined. "We are on a mission to remind the people, no matter how good or how bad things are going, Love Is Always The Answer." -The CoCreators 

The #LoveIsTheAnswerRadioShow is powered by Native Instruments

The Schedule

MY House Radio New York City 

Every Friday              11AM to 1PM. 

Every Saturday           9AM to 10AM. 

Every Sunday            11AM to 2PM. 

*local New York time.



Kiss FM Melbourne Australia 

Every Tuesday 11AM to 12PM. 

Every Monday    5AM to   6AM.time. 

*local Melbourne Australia time.



Data Transmission Radio 

United Kingdom* 

Every 2nd and 4th Friday 9PM to 10PM. 

*local London time.