Who are The CoCreators


The CoCreators are a Group of 3 International Music producers that have a rich history in House Music. Between them, They have released 25 singles internationally over the years under their own names and multiple pseudonyms. They also enjoyed 2 top ten hits in Europe including a number one in the UK. The original idea was to create a Super-group but it became more about the music than the past successes of the individual members.

"The CoCreators is a selfless energy. Not a group of people. We believe we can and will change the world for the better with our music. This is the intent and the mission. Not being famous, Not being any cooler than anyone else. Just to spread love through House Music. To pull the energy of Love from the stars from where we all came down to the earth through musical composition and expression. It's all about The We, not the me here. We put Love in all we do. When people listen to our songs they should feel it all the way down into their souls. That healing energy. That Good Soul Cleansing Music. The Joy. The Love. The Oneness. The Uncontrollable Smiles on the dancefloor! There is no doubt our music is for everyone. We Love All Genres, All People, All Love All The Time and there is no competition for us because at the end of the day We are All CoCreators! Here to make the world a better place." -The CoCreators