Sons of Thunder

The Sons of Thunder are the perfect balance between House Music, Soul Music and Cinematic Drama. Tired of searching for the same lame vocal samples that every other producer was using, they decided to do original productions and original vocals themselves. This allowed them a unique ability to express the story of each song without limits. "Sometimes you want to express something original to the listener but it’s tough to do if you only have a dj and random vocal packs. We put soul and drums in our works sprinkled with a lot of love. Our vocal influences range from Bobby Womack, James Brown, The Temptations, Eddie Kendricks, Prince, Jodeci, Stevie Wonder, El Debarge, The Who, led Zeppelin and others. It all fits in with House Music. House Music is The Universal language of Spiritual Unity. That's why everyone gets remixes done. We like to produce that thought-provoking Music that touches Souls, as our boys The CoCreators say. Our music has to say something because if it doesn't say nothing it’s gonna be forgotten. That's why a lot of producers make a song a week. We don't have to. We make Music that Makes Memories. Music of the Heart Mind and Soul. Our Music is built to last for a lifetime!" -The Sons of Thunder.

Look for their debut Spring 2017 only on Love Vibration Nation Music and Publishing LLC.